Pediatric Physiotherapy

“When Physio Is Play, We Get More Done In A Day”

Kids are not just “smaller versions of adults”! Their bodies, the way they move and the way they learn are all different than grown-ups! And this is why we feel that kids deserve their own physiotherapy too!

At Reconnect Health Centre, we have dedicated staff trained to work with kids.

Pediatric physiotherapists have received additional training to help children and teens meet their rehabilitation goals – all while providing care in a kid-friendly environment. We believe that when physio is play-based, we achieve goals faster.

Our pediatric gym space is welcoming to our littlest patients. Toys, games and sport can make their rehabilitation interesting, interactive and entertaining.

We are happy to offer treatment for:

  • Development delay
  • Motor milestones
  • Difficulty with tummy time
  • Head shape management (Plagiocephaly/ Brachycephaly/ Torticollis)
  • Balance and coordination training
  • Orthopedic concerns
    • Toe-walking
    • Knee pain
    • W-sitting
    • Flat feet/in-toeing/out-toeing
    • Osgood’s Slater/Sever’s
    • Post-fracture

ReConnect Health offers a wide range of services including: acupuncture, pelvic floor physiotherapy, orthopaedic physiotherapy, breast health physiotherapy, psychology, massage therapy, and private gynecological services. We also provide engaging workshops, therapeutic group exercise, a caring community, and more.

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