Scar Massage

Scar tissue mobilization can be a great way to improve function and decrease pain. The massage/ mobilization technique encourages realignment and lengthening of the scar tissue fibers so that they are not obstructive of the normal tissue.

The goal of scar massage is to work on  each layer of skin to encourage it to move independently on each another. This allows the scar tissue in each layer to be oriented in a more favorable fashion so that there is more skin movement and less restriction.

Other modalities such as acupuncture needling, cupping and other soft tissue mobilization techniques can be effective to address the scar tissue restriction.

Another important part of the scar tissue massage is desensitization of the nerve fibers around the scar. Scar massage can be a great way to do this. As long as the tissue is well healed and there is no infection,  starting with some gentle massage is a great way to recalibrate your nervous system and  can be very helpful for tissue sensitivity.

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