Remember the pre-pregnancy days, when you could lie down in any position you wanted? Bliss.  Now you are pregnant and all you can think is “I’m pregnant and want to lie on my stomach”. Did you know that massage therapy can help with that?

The benefits of prenatal or pregnancy massage are pretty well known, and include:

  • Reducing muscle tension, joint pain and back pain
  • Improving circulation and decreased edema (yay for less swollen feet and leg cramps!)
  • Decreasing stress and anxiety-related symptoms
  • Improving sleep through increased relaxation
  • Reducing headache frequency and intensity
  • Decreasing the level of cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body

Awesome! Now what about the fact that you want to lie on your stomach?

Pregnancy Massage Cushions Allow You To Lie On Your Stomach

These magical pillows have indents created in them for your growing bumps (belly and breast tissue) and allow you to lie face down, on your stomach.

I'm pregnant and want to lie on my stomach

Pregnancy massage cushions allow you to lie on your stomach while pregnant.

I'm pregnant and want to lie on my stomach

Pregnant woman using a pregnancy massage cushion for her treatment.

Getting onto these cushions can be a little bit tricky, but once you are there, it is often a great relief. This is a wonderful position for pregnant women who have been missing lying on their front. This is also an excellent position for your massage therapist to access you upper and lower back, pelvis, and glute muscles – all the spots that tend to need treatment. If this position ends up not working for you, don’t worry. You can always have a massage while lying on your side. This can be done easily by using supportive pillows and cushions between your legs and under your baby bump. Always let your massage therapist know when a position isn’t comfortable, and they can help you adjust – even if you decide that you need a change halfway through a massage. Our job is to make you comfortable!

Lying on your side for massage

Pregnant women can also choose to lie on their side for massage therapy treatments.


Have we got you convinced that you would like to have a pregnancy massage while lying on your stomach? Great!

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