Do you ever wonder how a dietitian can help you and your family? You are not alone. Some people are intimidated by the thought of working with a dietitian. Some people think that it’s all about calorie restriction, or only eating celery. However, a dietitian can be a useful team member when it comes to delivering nutrition to you and your family.

What Is A Dietitian?

Let’s start with what ‘Registered Dietitian’ means. A Registered Dietitian has the highest level of training when it comes to nutrition. Firstly, they must complete a Bachelor of Science majoring in nutrition. Secondly, they enroll in a professional internship and thirdly, successfully complete a national exam. As a result, they become regulated health professionals, just like pharmacists, nurses or doctors. This means they stay accountable to the highest standard of continuing education and ethics to maintain their title and registration with their provincial regulatory body.

Nutrition can be confusing with conflicting information coming from the internet, friends and family. You can feel confident that a dietitian will provide you with up to date and ethical nutrition guidance based on science. It’s important to know that nutritionist is not a protected term in most Canadian provinces. There are not always guidelines in place, required training or education for those who can use the term nutritionist. If you want to work with a registered dietitian, you must look for RD as their listed qualifications.

How A Dietitian Can Help You And Your Family

My passion is to support women to eat well and feel confident. This includes supporting moms in feeding their families; from starting solids through the picky eating phases. As a mom, I know the challenges of getting healthy meals on the table; time, money, and the energy that goes into it. I keep meals simple and family friendly. I help clients set specific goals based on where they are now in their nutrition journey. As a food lover, I believe all foods can fit in a healthy diet. However, I understand that clients can sometimes struggle to find that balance. We will work together on mindful eating strategies so that you can trust yourself to include foods that are often seen as “forbidden” on diets.

My goal is to ensure mealtimes are positive experiences for the whole family, and that you are feeling like your most energized and happy self. Take the stress out of eating and feel your best! Click HERE to book your free 15 minute discovery call.

Jillian Reid, RD

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