How can Osteopathy help with pelvic health?

By assessing and treating the body as a whole, osteopathy can help relieve symptoms relating to the pelvic floor and support overall pelvic health. Osteopathy can help many different components relating to the pelvis such as viscera (internal organs), muscles, fascia, lines of gravity, and circulation. Each of these contribute to the functioning of the pelvis as a whole, and supports our entire body.

Osteopathy and the pelvis:

The pelvis and pelvic floor interact with many other structures in the body. Structures like the viscera, nerves, circulatory system, connective tissues and many muscular attachments are within or passing through the pelvis, and should work in harmony. For example, the diaphragm (our breathing muscle) uses a pumping action on the viscera that aids in digestion and improves circulation. The pelvis and it’s internal structures also help support our abdominal and pelvis organs, our lower body, helping with locomotion and walking, and help maintain space for fluid circulation and the growth of new life during pregnancy.

Osteopathy and pelvic health:

The pelvic floor has an important role in helping with urination, sexual function, supporting organs, and bowel function.  Symptoms like urinary leakage, digestive issues, period pain, hip, pelvic or low back pain can all be related to the pelvic floor. A bad fall to the tailbone, abdominal or pelvic surgeries, pelvic trauma, and stress can all have an affect on the pelvic floor muscles and surrounding tissues.  Osteopathy uses gentle myofascial techniques, osteoarticular adjustments, visceral manipulations, and cranial sacral techniques, to provide relief to this area. We discuss treatment options and a treatment plan to help with your symptoms.

The pelvis and pelvic floor are important areas of the body that are not often talked about. Osteopaths can work with your healthcare team to provide education, homecare programs and ultimately help offer relief of symptoms relief. If you are in the Fredericton or Moncton, New Brunswick area, we are happy to provide you with osteopathic services.

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