Osteopathy is a holistic and preventative manual therapy focusing on helping restore balance throughout all body systems and structures. A manual osteopath treats the body as a whole, to ensure that it is in an optimal state of health. With an understanding of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and their interrelationships, they provide a holistic approach to the patient’s health.

Osteopathy is based on four principles:

  1. Structure governs function – if there are tight areas of the body, this can cause the body to move differently, which can lead to compensation. Over time, this can cause pain and discomfort if left untreated.
  2. The role of the artery is absolute – if muscles and connective tissues are tight, this will limit blood flow and circulation. Example: Running water vs stagnant water
  3. The body is a functional unit- osteopaths look at how different parts of the body are working, interacting, and influencing each other.
  4. The body has the ability to self-heal and maintain homeostasis (balance).

Keeping these principles in mind, osteopathic manual therapists provide a hands-on approach to help patients feel their best.  Osteopaths use a variety of techniques such as myofascial & soft tissue release, gentle joint mobilizations, cranial-sacral techniques, osteoarticular adjustments, visceral manipulations, and muscle energy techniques.

Osteopathic treatments are beneficial and safe for people of all ages. Osteopathy can help with a wide variety of ailments including headaches and migraines, concussions, acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain, repetitive strain injuries, digestive issues, sports injuries, TMJ disorders, pelvic pain, menstrual (period) pain, and pre and postnatal care.

What can you expect from an osteopathic treatment?

Your first appointment with an osteopathic manual therapist will consist of the following:

  • A full health history
  • Discussing your health concerns and questions
  • A physical assessment – examining the root cause of your symptoms and determining the best way to address any issues.

Together with your osteopath, you develop an individualized treatment plan, including a home care plan if needed.

We recommended that you wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes for assessments/treatments. Each treatment is an hour and is one-on-one with the therapist in a private room. Treatments are covered under most private insurance plans – please ask administration or your osteopath for more information.

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