Registered Massage Therapy Fredericton

Registered massage therapists are muscle and deep tissue experts, allowing them to manipulate and treat sore and injured muscles to bring deep and lasting relief. Massage therapy is a recognized paramedical field, and our therapists have undertaken advanced training and education to serve you.

Our Registered Massage therapists in Fredericton can address your muscles aches, pains and tension, keep your muscles and tissues healthy and improve your overall feeling of wellbeing. They are well equipped to work on a variety of conditions; postural pain, low back and pelvic pain, and tight muscles.

We also pay special attention to women’s health issues. We are well versed in pregnancy massage. Pregnancy is a time of rapid change in a woman’s body. Joints, connective tissue and muscles are all shifting and adapting to make room for a growing baby. Unfortunately for some women this can lead to aches, pain and stress. Prenatal (pregnancy) massage therapy can be a treatment method to help. Pregnancy massage offers techniques to help relax muscles, improve movement and reduce pain. We understand that finding a comfortable position can be tricky, and so we are equipped with pregnancy support pillows that allow you to lie on your stomach. We are also happy to treat you on your side, or seated and leaning over the massage table.

Complete care does not end in pregnancy.  Our registered massage therapists are experienced working with women during their postpartum period. From low back pain left over from pregnancy, to upper back soreness from holding baby, to tailbone pain from delivery, and even C-section scar massage to help decrease pain and improved scar mobility – we’ve got you covered.

We direct bill to most major insurance companies, to make your experience with us even more simple.