Summer is upon us! And with the kids home from school, we want to encourage them to be outside, and be active. While we don’t think that parents need to buy new toys for the summer, if you are in the market, we have some favorites that we support from a physiotherapy perspective. With years of buying for our own kiddos, and also wanting to provide toys that encourage developmental growth and physical activity, we’ve created a list of our tried and tested favorites! A reminder that while we’re showing you Amazon links for ease of reference, it’s worth doing a bit of quick research to see if there are options to support local small businesses when you can.


Stomp Rockets

Stomp Rockets Summer Toys


Lots of jumping and flying rockets? What’s not to love? Stomp rockets encourage dynamic movement with balance. Jumping on the pump will launch the rockets into the air. Reset and repeat. We’ve had our own children play with this toy for hours.


Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Water Table

Little tikes water table

Water tables are always a huge hit in the summer months. It can be hard to find a quality water table that doesn’t break the bank, and this product offers good value. This water table encourages fine motor skill development with toy placement while exploring water play.  Always supervise small children when near any amount of water.

Balance Bike

jollito balance bike

Balance bikes are a great way for small children to start learning the skills required to ride big kid bikes! Exploring weight distribution, balance, steering and forward propulsion are important skills for cycling. This lightweight and study Jollito balance bike is a great option.

Reusable Water Balloons

reusable water balloons

Who doesn’t love a good water balloon fight? We love the running, stop and start activity for heart health, and the throwing skills required. But, we have to admit, picking up pieces of broken balloons is a bummer (from a low back pain and environment perspective). That’s why we love reusable water balloons! Plunge the balloon into a bucket of water, and close the magnetic seal. And get ready to launch your balloon.

Beach Pop Up Tent

glymnis pop up beach tent

We love seeing kids run on the sand and through the surf (balance and heart pumping exercise)! However, spending time on the beach with little ones can be tricky. From the sensation of sand, to the heat, to sometimes needing some privacy, pop-up tents can be super useful. We like ones that are easy to install and pack up, with enough height that can allow an adult to easily sit upright. This Glymnis Beach Tent is a good option.

Sturdy Plastic Sand Shovels

novelty heavy duty plastic shovels

Sick of sand toys breaking after a few uses? Us too. But we love the motor development that playing in the sand can bring. That’s why we love these sturdy plastic shovels, made of non-toxic material and no sharp edges.

Plastic-free Beach Toy Options

wooden handle beach toys

For some parents, plastic toys are an environmental concern. If so, we love this option of beach and gardening toys made from metal and wood. Give your kids the option to learn about digging, scooping and raking with less of an environmental footprint.

Water Football

hydro football

Encouraging throwing skills is a great way to develop gross motor development. We support lots of catch-related games; baseball, basketball, handball, etc. An exciting way to cool down in the summer is with a water absorbing football! Whether in the backyard with water buckets nearby, or on the beach in the surf, Water Footballs are always a big hit.

Walker Wagon

radioflyer classic wagon

This walker toy is great for providing stability when toddlers are learning to walk, but it also doubles as a wagon. Holding up to 35lbs, this Radio Flyer Classic Wooden Walker Wagon has a resist push feature that allows toddlers to test their balance while building confidence with walking.


We hope that these summer toy suggestions have sparked some ideas for you. Please remember, that by using our provided links, we will receive a small commission for these sales. We very much appreciate your support.


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