Registered Dietitians are nutrition experts that must complete a Bachelor of Science majoring in Foods and Nutrition followed by internship placements and a national exam. They stay accountable to the highest standard of continuing education and ethics to maintain their registration with their provincial regulatory body.

At Reconnect Health Moncton, Jillian works with individual clients to understand their unique needs and goals. She empowers clients to understand the role food plays in their health and how to make practical lifestyle changes without deprivation or gimmicks.

Many private health insurance plans cover dietitian services and we offer direct billing

IG: @dietitianjillian

ReConnect Health offers a wide range of services including: acupuncture, pelvic floor physiotherapy, orthopaedic physiotherapy, breast health physiotherapy, psychology, massage therapy, and private gynecological services. We also provide engaging workshops, therapeutic group exercise, a caring community, and more.

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