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Breannah Slaney

My name is Breannah and I am the owner and practitioner behind ACUlove NB. I have built my practice and my treatment style by blending my 6 years of human sciences education (Biology, Psychology, and Neuroscience), my 3 years of Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture training, and many hours of advanced study in areas such as Japanese Acupuncture. I also enjoy incorporating spiritual practice as a Reiki Master and guided meditation facilitator.

ACUlove is about blending modern medical science and long established natural healing modalites to help my patients achieve their optimal health. When I established my practice, I knew I wanted ACUlove to be about deeper healing. The core foundations of my practice are to listen, to educate, and to give the most effective and comfortable treatments possible. The primary treatment methodology in my practice is Acupuncture. However, it is often blended with Fire cupping, moxabustion and heat therapy, supplement and herbal guidance, dietary recommendations, breath work or meditation, aromatherapy massage, or reiki. What each treatment looks like, is entirely based on the patient, what they need, and what they enjoy.

I strongly believe the foundation of a good life, and a good community is having good health. Healing is something that is accessible to us all, we just have to be willing to.

I am excited to join Reconnect Health Centre because I have been a fierce advocate for women since my early days on the playground (girls can play ball with the boys too you know!). As I grew and learned, it quickly became obvious that women’s health needed more, it has to be inclusive, and personal, recognize the beauty of being a woman! I also know that a truly healthy woman, is an empowered woman!

You can learn bit more about the services I offer on my Website