As a new mother, you quickly learn that feeding and caring for your baby is both rewarding and demanding. The strain of constantly holding, feeding, and nurturing your little one can lead to various postural pains. Many moms experience pain along the bra line, between the shoulder blades, neck pain, and even tailbone pain. 

It’s not just about the “mom posture” – shoulders hunched, back curved, and neck strained; the body’s diaphragm and rib cage also undergo significant changes during and after pregnancy, which contributes to these aches and pains. 

Top tips from Eryn & Katie: 

Seek Early Treatment: If you experience musculoskeletal pain postpartum, seek professional help early. Oftentimes, small changes can make a big difference and prevent minor discomfort from escalating into a more significant and long term issue. Additionally, if we believe you would benefit from seeing another specialty, such as a Massage or Occupational Therapist, we can refer you on! 

Focus On Creating Variation In Your Day: Change up your daily routines to prevent repetitive strain. This might look like changing up feeding positions from sitting to lying down, switching the side you normally hold your baby on, or picking up your car seat with your non-dominant hand. 

Prioritize Self-Care: We understand this is easier said than done in the postpartum period. But, it’s important to do what you can to take care of your physical well-being by prioritizing sleep, nutritious meals, and hydration. A well-rested and well-nourished body is better equipped to handle the intense demands of motherhood. Don’t shy away from asking for help from your support system. 

While musculoskeletal pain is common in the postpartum period, it is certainly not something you have to suffer through alone. Seeking support and making small adjustments in your daily routine can improve your postpartum experience. We’re here to help you navigate this journey. It’s not about perfection; it’s about making things a little easier on yourself where possible! 

Hope this helps! Eryn Matheson, PT & Katie Kelly, PT. 

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Below are the many other resources we have available to help you during both pregnancy and postpartum. 

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