When it comes to pap exams, we know that most women are not looking forward to this test. However, over the years we have heard about patients who have pain with pap, anxiety around pelvic exams, or have experienced what they consider to be trauma from an exam. Whatever the reason, we wanted to be able to offer a different kind of pap experience – gentle pap exams.

So What Is A Gentle Pap?

A gentle pap can mean a lot of different things. Firstly, for us, it means taking extra time to make you feel like you understand what is happening. We find that with more information, patients feel more prepared for their exam. It also means that you have extra time to ask questions. Secondly, it means taking extra care to reduce discomfort by offering a heating pad, a small size speculum, a slower pace for vaginal insertion, and an experienced gynecologist to perform your exam. Finally, if medically appropriate, you are offered an anti-anxiety medication to help with the anxiety that can be associated with a pap test.

Why Are Pap Tests So Important?

A pap test (pap smear) is a test performed vaginally to collect cells around the cervix, located at the end of the vagina. These collected cells are examined for precancerous changes or cervical cancer. The results might also be used to help diagnose precancerous and cancerous changes in the vagina, inflammation, infection, or used on a more regular basis to monitor a previous abnormal result or precancerous condition. For more information about pap tests from the Canadian Cancer Society click HERE.

Are Gentle Pap Exams Covered By Medicare Or My Private Insurance?

The gynecology services at our clinic are private and not covered by any Medicare or health insurance policies. However, free pap tests can always be done by your family physician, pap test clinics, or a public health gynecologists. You can always ask your primary care provider about some of the measures of comfort that we mention above. We offer gentle pap exams for people who feel like previous pap tests have not gone as they want, continue to be very painful, or very anxiety inducing.

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