At ReConnect Health Centre, we strongly believe that women who birth by C-section deserve a proper recovery too. We tend to hear about recovery from vaginal delivery a lot, and sometimes C-section moms get neglected.  But not here! We can confirm that there is no easy way to have a baby, and we are happy to help mothers with their  C-section recovery.

In what ways might we help with C-section recovery?

Post-operative C-section pain:

Most women feel at least some pain during their C-section recovery, though it can range from mild to more severe. While we recommend that you always speak to your OB about your C-section pain, there are some things that physiotherapists can help with. Firstly, learning about some pain reducing postures can be helpful. We also recommend abdominal wraps to give you support. We teach out patients about incision splinting (pressing a folded towel against you wound when standing, coughing, or having a bowel movement) too!

Abdominal wall strength:

It’s actually a myth that a C-section cuts through your abdominal muscles. It does not. It does, however, go through the connective tissue and fascia in the middle of your abdomen (think the line between your abs). Even though the muscles are not cut, they are still quite stretched from pregnancy, and this typically leads to weakness. It’s also common to see abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti abdominis). We spend a lot of time teaching women how to reengage and strengthen their core and abdominals as part of their C-section recovery.

C-section Scar:

Even after a scar has healed, it might still need some TLC to help with recovery. We commonly hear about scars that are too sensitive, too tight, that pull, or don’t tolerate pressure. Sometimes women can’t wear jeans over their scar. Sometimes they can’t lie on their stomach. Sometimes it tugs and pulls when they try to do a back bend. If this is the case, we focus their C-section recovery on decreasing sensitivity, increasing pressure tolerance and improving scar flexibility. We are big advocates of scar massage, when necessary.


Remember us when you think about postpartum care – for all moms.

If you are in the Moncton or Fredericton area, we are here to support you with your postpartum journey, including C-section recovery.

Want to learn more? Check out this C-section Scar Massage Video


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